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Cross the blazing red plains…

Ascend the howling white pillars…

Sink into the creeping black abyss…

Step into a world of fire and stone.

This zine contains step-by-step instructions get your OSR characters ready for perilous adventures in the Stone Age that could have been. Inspired by real-life prehistory and animistic beliefs, it hints at strange creatures, awful caves, and spirits that beckon from just beyond the unexplored horizon.

While it is designed specifically for compatibility with Knave by Ben Milton, it can easily be slotted into any ‘Old-School’ RPG.

Within its primal pages you’ll find:

  • 10 evocative character backgrounds and 3 unique Stone Age cultures.
  • An emergent setting of stone, grit and dark psychedelia.
  • An automated system for generating personalised equipment packages.
  • Evocative art by HODAGRPGEvlyn Moreau and Into the Weird Blue Yonder.
  • 20+ random tables to help flesh out your characters!
  • Plot hooks, inspiration and more!!

Interested in meeting a half-constructed god in the world of Fire & Stone? Check out the Knave adventure, Cult of the Sky Titans!

Experiencing financial hardship? Interested in a free review copy? Reach out to me on Twitter!


Get this zine and 29 more for $20.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$3.50 USD or more

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Will you update this to follow Knave 2e, Into The Wild team?

Will this ever be released as a print edition?

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Thanks for allowing community copies. I love this game, although I fear I may never play it! Maybe after grad school is done...

I thought I got this as a community copy, apparently I got it from the TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights bundle! Thanks for letting your game support a great cause!


Great art, very evocative character options. You could randomly roll up a party and have enough inspiration from their character details to spin out a campaign!


Great addition to Knave or any other OSR system, the backgrounds are evocative and germinate interesting setting ideas. Who are the Stonefolk, really? You have to play to find out! 


LOVE THIS!! your character building is so fun and the setting is god tier; I like the systems you've built bc it makes it easy for someone like me who is mentally 80 and has never played a game before :') thoroughly enjoy the universe you've created!

this whole thing looks so cool, I love the aesthetic of it